Victory Legion Branch #317

Daily Bar Food Menu

Assorted Sandwiches-$3.81

Soup Of The Day-$2.38

Small Hot Dog-$1.90

Large Hot Dog-$2.86

Chicken Wings (6)-$3.98

Chicken Fingers (5)-$4.20

French Fries-$2.62

Victory Fries-$2.62

Chip Fries-$2.62

Onion Rings-$2.62

Mozzarella Sticks (5)-$3.09

Queso Dips (6)-$3.09

Jalapeno Poppers (5)-$3.09

Battered Mushroom Caps-$3.09

Mac & Cheese Wedges (5)-$3.09

Dipping Sauces

Honey Mustard, Plum, Honey Garlic, Sweet Thai, Ranch, Victory Sauce, Mayo, BBQ, Hot, Mild
Chips $1.33
Pork Rinds $1.77
Chocolate Bars $1.33
Peanuts $1.77
Pickled Eggs $1.19
Pickled Kielbasa $2.37
Gum, Certs, Mentos, Tums $1.33
Halls $1.33

Menu Subject To Availability and Change 

(Plus Applicable Taxes)